Choosing a Web Designer – Questions to Ask First

web-design\r\n\r\nThe Web Design Company which I will choose in India, please read this article if you need some suggestion to choose a web designing company in India. How should we choose a web designing company in India? That is what will we deeply discuss today. I always noticed that people do not ask the most important questions. If you want to get a sense of the culture and personality of the web designing company, an interview is a must. Most importantly, you need to know that how their approach to every challenge of your projects. Now I will list out questions which tell you more than any presentation from them.\r\n

Question 1: What is your approach to usability?

\r\nWhy do we ask this question? This question is the fastest way to differentiate between experienced web designing company in India and novices. From their answer, you will understand their web designing company focus point, whether they have the most crucial thing in mind or not, the web visitors! A good web designing company in India will put their main focus on the web visitors instead of beautiful website design. You need to know that although you have the most beautiful website in the world but the visitors find that it is difficult or confusing to use, it will not bring any advantage to your business.\r\n

Question 2: May you show me examples of projects with similar goals?

\r\nTry ask them some examples of websites which have the similar features and goals. Need a website user registration tool? Ask the one who knows it! They will be the right designing company in India which can explain all your questions and doubts, what results have been measured, what the challenges were, and how those results met the project’s goals. Always choose the company that will listen to their customers, thinks the brand, and does not take a one size fits all approach to the web design process.\r\n

Question 3: Can I meet the team?

\r\nThis question will instantly let you whether they are in-house or outsourced. There are a lot of companies outsource their projects to other companies. You will know that whether this company are just made from a bunch of freelancers who even do not have enough experience on the field. A serious web designing company in India is formed by a team of specialists. Ask them how the team work together? How the team manage the server, program it, design the site, do the analysis? Is the person who is in charge likely to be an expert in all things?\r\n

Question 4: What if I want to make changes later?

\r\nA good web designing company in India should always adapt to new scenarios or changes during the projects on-going. Every website will keep changing from time to time. Some web design company charge for these changes. At the same time, others set up a content management tool that makes it fast, east and free to update text, add pages and upload images.\r\n

Question 5: How will we measure results?

\r\nIt is not a bad thing if the answer from the web designing company in India sounds a little technical. Listen for terms like conversion rate, search engines ranking, inbound links, time on site, page views, unique visits, bounce rate and etc.\r\n\r\n 

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