5 Rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

smo\r\n\r\nIn past few days, I wrote an article about Do we need Social Media Optimisation in India? If you are new to SMO, please read my article here. Now you have to know why we need social media optimisation in India. The question comes, what should I do with it? That is what we going to discuss today. The concept of Social Media Optimization (SMO) is simple, more highly visible in social media searches, more easily to linked to in social media searches on certain search engine through making implement changes on a website, more frequently included in relevant posts on vlogs, podcasts and blogs. Now I going to share with you the 5 rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO) in India.\r\n

Increase Your Linkability

\r\nTo have a good Social Media Optimization (SEO) in India, Increase the linkability of the website is the very first step and the most important priority. There are many sites are always in “static” because they are not updated and simply do a storefront. To optimise a website, adding a blog is a good step. There are many other ways to do this such as creating thought pieces and white papers.\r\n

Make Tagging and Bookmarking Easy

\r\nThe 2nd rule is to make tagging and bookmarking easy. Try adding some special quick buttons like ‘add to delicious’. It will make the tagging pages easier. Remember to make sure to tag our pages first on famous social bookmarking sites, suggested notes for a link and pages include a list of relevant tags. This is the 2nd rule to have a good Search Media Optimization (SMO) in India.\r\n

Reward Inbound Links

\r\nInbound links are paramount to increase the overall rankings and search results. A success of a website as well as a blog always used. Always provide clear rewards and make it easy to encourage more of them. From using Permalinks to rebuilding Similarly, provides the reward for those who link to your website by listing recent linking blogs on your site. This step will greatly increase your Search Media Optimization (SMO) in India.\r\n

Help Your Content Travel

\r\nAnother crucial step of Search Media Optimization (SMO) in India. Always submitting your portable content such as video files, audio files, and PDFs to relevant sites will help your content travel further. This step will drive links to your website.\r\n

Encourage The Mashup

\r\nRemember it pays to be more open to letting other people use your content in a world of co-creation. To create mashups that can drive more traffic easily for others by syndicating your content through RSS.\r\n\r\nThere is sill a lot of rules that we are starting to uncover as this is going to be more sophisticated. However, always remember the above 5 rules of Search Media Optimization in India. Please comment below if you have a suggestion too! Thank you for making the world better through your comment!

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