What is SEM Marketing and How its works ?

What is SEM Marketing?

SEM or search engine marketing is basically a marketing strategy that helps many businesses rank on the search results pages that is SERPs. The keywords are used by advertisers to attract users who when search on search engines like Google, Bing etc for their products find their company.

The ads are termed as pay-per click advertisements and they are displayed in different formats like product listings, text based small ads etc.

Search engine marketing has a lot to offer and its major contribution is the space it offers to all the advertisers to display their ads to attract potential customers who are interested in their products. So, it is the best platform to promote their business.

what is sem marketing
what is sem marketing

 Importance of SEM

Looking at the increasing number of people who shop online and search for the product they need online SEM is gaining a lot of popularity and has become the need for every business.

All new consumers who hit the internet search for the products they are interested in on different search engines. When it comes to SEM advertisers pay for the appearance and image which gives them visitors in return. This is the best marketing technique that also improves their search engine rankings with each visitor that visits their website.

Ideally, consumers hit the internet to find the results for their search queries and when they visit a particular website with their query they receive a marketing message and they are treated as potential customers.

SEM approaches the consumers exactly when they need them and thus it yields immediate and positive results for the businesses. It is one of the fastest ways to attract traffic to a particular website.

How it works?

Search engines have designed strict algorithms in order to deliver relevant results for every search. If you are a marketer, then SEM works the best and it is a self-driven strategy. If you as a marketer choose a niche you can easily get a marketing campaign designed a running in very less time.

As a marketer any SEM company would set up an appropriate campaign for you wherein you can

  • Select keywords that represents your product or website
  • You can choose a location where you want to display your ads
  • Design text ads that can be put up in search results
  • Bid for a price that you want to pay for every link placed on the ad.

Text-based advertisements are very simple to create. The two major things that SEM professionals focus on are Bing Ads and Google Ad Words.

Quality Score plays an important role in SEM

As discussed above SEM professionals main focus is on Bing Ads and Google Ad Words, the quality score of Google Ad Words contains mostly ad rank and thus SEM professionals focus mainly on them. With the help of high quality scores you can be at a higher position at low costs as Google likes ads that are appropriate to the user queries.

SEM Process

Ad placements matters the most in search results. The closer your link is to the top position the more people will click on it. Here in SEM the professionals use an important strategy to help your link reach the top and that to at a very reasonable cost to gain new customers, improve online presence and promote other marketing campaigns.

Search engine marketing targets the needs of a searcher. Designing a perfect SEM campaigns certainly is based on

  • Understanding the target audience
  • Setting relevant goals for SEM campaign
  • Selecting the relevant keywords to be targeted.
  • Organizing the chosen keywords into ad groups and marketing campaigns.
  • Writing impressive advertisements
  • Attracting traffic majorly to the landing page that comprises of correct information and well-optimized for conversion.

Knowing about A/B Testing

You may get a lot of information on A/B testing but to put it simple it basically testing what works for your target audience. You can test various options live and then check how it works. It will give you a fair idea about what works for your target audience and what doesn’t.

A/B testing can be about

  • Checking if clipart photos or real photos works best on conversions
  • Will adding videos to a particular page enhance results
  • Do you get better response if you include catchy headlines or are it something else like some action works better?

There are a lot of SEM aspects that together promote your business online and help your business generate revenues.

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