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WordPress is world’s biggest Content Management System (CSM) in terms of its users. It is fast and responsive and websites built in it are easy to use but for its developers keeping pace with latest WordPress technologies is a challenging task. WP release new technologies in the form of new enhanced features and if you are a WordPress developer in India, you must have a clear knowledge and understanding about these new technologies in order to stay ahead in a very competitive Indian WordPress development market.

In this post, we would like to highlight latest technology news for WordPress web development. These technology updates are related to three most important aspects of website development i.e. performance, SEO and Display which every developer must take care of.

Display: Most important new tech WP has introduced recently in its CMS is the full screen responsive navigation design without incorporating any third party plugins. It doesn’t matter if you are designing a small website which would need a simple <select> dropdown menu or you are looking to incorporate off-canvas reveals and nested accordions for very large corporate E-Commerce website WP has introduced features to tackle all the scenario. Question remains why this new feature is important? Answer is the fact that in responsive design controlling navigation’s response is among the most challenging task.   

Themes are important part of WordPress and there are millions of them available out there on the internet but despite their sheer power of display customizations, they always comes with some restrictions like display options for blog i.e. scenarios where you want to hid the author name on certain posts or displaying or hiding the date, tags, or categories on certain posts. To cope with these scenarios, WordPress has introduced a new technology in the form of a Customizer known as Content Options. Your WordPress developer must know how he shall use this new feature.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): WordPress has just introduced new advanced SEO tools which allow customizing Meta descriptions with which you can improve the page summary that search engine would create for your page to rank it. The customized summary makes the description of your page more appropriate and apt to your potential customers. WordPress even allow the use of customized Meta description for every single post in blog with the help of “Custom Fields” feature. Now you can provide optimal SEO services to your clients without installing third party plugins. In this way, being a WordPress Developer in India you would be able to meet the SEO guideline of not using too many plugins if you wanted your WP website rank better.

Performance: Slow web pages on mobile devices have remained an issue for heavy business websites when viewed from a mobile device. Google and WordPress teamed up to introduce new open-source project aiming to improve the performance of web pages on mobile devices. This month WP announced the performance functionality and named it ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)’. Google implements AMP with the help of three components, AMP HTML, AMP.JS and AMP Cache.

There are other strong features which WP has introduced in its latest released code name “Pepper” about which you can learn from official WP website. Hopefully, this post would help you in growing as a WordPress developer in India.

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